It’s Been Real

Well, folks. It's been real. I'm done writing in the Daniels Daily Reader... for the rest of 2017. Fear not. I will be back with great content (and maybe a new design if I feel so inclined) during the first week of 2018. I need to take an extended break and really put a dent … Continue reading It’s Been Real


The Turning Point

Age is just a number, right? Yes and no. Age is a number but it's one that holds more weight than any other number because it directly correlates with time. Yesterday, I turned 30 years old and, I must say, I feel a bit of weight as a result. I feel like I am at … Continue reading The Turning Point

An End to Exclusivity

Women shouldn't be made to feel objectified in (or out of) the workplace. Black people shouldn't be made to feel like tokens in a room. Gay people shouldn't be ostracized in the church. We should all be valued for the effort we put in but we don't. Some feel used by their companies. Many feel … Continue reading An End to Exclusivity

Your Shirt Don’t Mean ****

Blue collar? White collar? If you're really good at what you do, your outfit shouldn't affect your performance (unless said outfit is functional like an astronauts is). For centuries, we've ascribed one's societal standing with his/her dress. But that doesn't really matter, does it? Certainly, looking clean and intentional matter but I couldn't care less … Continue reading Your Shirt Don’t Mean ****

New Tie Alert! πŸ‘”

A few weeks ago, I posted about Neck 'n Neck Vintage Co., a startup out of Brooklyn, New York. Yesterday, I received my first necktie from Neck 'n Neck and I am impressed. While neckwear curator Vince Jamael specializes in providing customers with quality vintage ties from notable brands, I purchased mine after letting him … Continue reading New Tie Alert! πŸ‘”