Square Card Reader

As a young entrepreneur in this day and age, I am often confronted with the challenge of clients saying “I don’t have cash on me,” or “I don’t carry my checkbook.” For the longest time that was a frustration simply because, even though no services are offered free of charge, most people in my target market (late teens through late 20’s) don’t feel the need to carry more than $10 in cash on them at a given time.

Then, one day at a birthday celebration, I was presented with a solution to the cashless problem. One of my fraternity brothers who also owns a business told me about the “Square Card Reader” application. In short, the app allows you to plug a pocket-sized credit card reader (which is mailed to you free of charge) up to your smartphone and swipe major credit/debit cards as any major retailer does. The client can see how much (s)he is being charged, you (as the retailer/service provider) can add applicable taxes to avoid any undesired fines, and there is even an option for the client to elect to provide a tip. The best part is, the money is deposited into the account of your choice the following day.

Of course, there is a fee associated with the Square Card Reader. Though the app itself is free of charge, a small percentage is taken from each transaction. But I wouldn’t complain. It makes business much easier and it’s not as if major retailers don’t pay comparable fees (which is why some stores have a minimum charge when using your card).

I’m not saying this is a necessity for a business to have but it does make life more convenient for your clients.



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