Burning Fuel

“Anything I’ve done that was ultimately worthwhile initially scared me to death.” — Betty Bender

People who say “You can’t go through life scared,” are unrealistic and lying by implying that they don’t do the same. Everyone is scared of something. The problem is when you allow those fears to control your ability to excel in life.

Most young men I know are terrified of the thought of a serious relationship and thus avoid them. However, this avoidance could, in the long run, cause them to have to settle for a love that falls second to greatness. Or, in a business setting, if you are afraid of the leadership requirements that come with a promotion, you may be hesitant to apply, stating that you aren’t ready to make that move. I could go on and on about the arbitrary fears that control us but I would much rather focus on how we can overcome them.

Not everyone has an innate sense of grandeur. As I said before, there are fears that hinder people. And though some fears are imaginary barriers we place in front of ourselves, some barriers are very valid. What must be realized is that, with time and strength, all barriers can be moved. One might wonder how to go about strengthening himself. Experience is always a way but I would highly recommend speeding this process up by adding a good read and a great mentor. For the young man who is afraid of serious commitment, pick up a book on effectively communicating with women. I cannot say you will be ready to get married at the book’s end but you will be more aware and prepared when the time comes. Or for the employee who doesn’t know how to lead effectively and thus cannot move up in the company, find a mentor. Your supervisor is not only there to manage you but to help you grow as a professional. See if she can pair you up with someone who can facilitate that growth so you can be an even greater asset to the company.

With proper preparation, any fear can be overcome. But sometimes you just have to do. If you already have the tools and the skills, step out on faith. At worst, you’ll fall only to get back up. The great thing is, you tried.

Don’t let fear hinder your success. Let it fuel it.


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