Servants of All

More often than not, young professionals feel that their professional lives lack significance. Many of us aren’t doing what we love. If we are even in the field we want to be in, we are working to get the experience necessary to get a position that we actually want. But what we often fail to realize is, doing what we love is not work: it is a blessing, both professionally and personally.

As I alluded to earlier, so many recent grads are in search of the experience they need to get a position they can enjoy. Problem: Many seemingly entry-level positions require 2-3 years of experience and we wonder how we are going to get that, work a job so we can pay our bills, and still maintain some semblance of sanity by enjoying a day at the movies once in a while. Solution: Volunteer your services. If you know how to do something well (or if you’re trying to develop your skills), many nonprofit organizations will allow you to give your time to do their accounting or work on marketing strategies for them or do a number of other things. How many people do you know that turn down something that is free? Shoot, if I see something for free that I think I might need in the future, I’m picking up one for myself and another for Desirèe, just in case.

Needless to say, your volunteering is on your own terms. Of course, you want to show that you are dedicated to the cause at hand but you already work 40-hours a week and you have a life of your own. But volunteering 16 hours a month consistently is viable experience that you can put on your resume and speak to in an interview. Do a good job and you will be able to secure a solid reference. Plus, giving back gives you a great feeling. So what’s stopping you?


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