The Parable of the Squirrel

On this Financial Friday, I will take a page out of my favorite teacher’s lesson plan to make a point. I have found His approach to force people to take an honest inventory of themselves. So, take this parable and let bless your savings account.

A squirrel does not wait until the winter to begin saving acorns for the winter. Nor does he try to dump a load in at once. Even he knows that neither of those scenarios will work. Instead, he saves throughout the year. He eats some as his body needs, he feeds those he is responsible for, and he puts away the rest for those months in which the tree branches will yield no acorns. He knows those months are inevitably approaching and, though it can be assumed that has little to no concept of time on a scale larger than his waking hours, he knows that his household must be prepared for the time of hardship. So, as I said above, he saves every day. And throughout the winter, he and his family eat everyday. And when the winter passes the acorn-bearing season returns and they do it all over again because they know that a time of hardship will come again.


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