“I know I’m guilty of it too but not like them.” — Jay-Z

Twitter. Facebook. Instagram. Google+. LinkedIn. All networking sites but have we forgotten how to interact face to face? 5 years ago, I worried that text messaging was getting out of hand because getting an actual phone call from a friend was rare. Now I hope for a text message but half the people who have my number decided it’s best to Tweet me something that they could have personally contacted me about. “When are we going to play basketball?” “What time are we meeting up at your apartment?” “I heard you’re having a cookout today. Can I come?” Just because the social network is there does not mean you have to use it for everything. There is a level of etiquette (and common sense) that should be maintained.

For instance, prior to the introduction of LinkedIn, no one would ask someone they have never worked with on any level for a professional recommendation. No one would walk up to a random stranger, poke her, and say “I find you attractive. Will you be my friend?” And there are laws against following someone who doesn’t know you. But these days, anything goes. Well, anything but picking up a phone or pen and paper. Is it too much to ask for a handwritten letter?


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