Extending Battery Life

Whether it was my Motorola Q, one of my Blackberries, or my iPhone, smartphone batteries and I just don’t get along. I’ll start my day off after getting my phone’s battery up to 100% and, before I know it, I’m down to 77% and it’s not even 11 AM.

Mind you, I do text, email, and talk a lot but still, I want to be able to make it through an entire day without having to charge my phone. So I went looking for some ways to increase the longevity of a smartphone battery. Here are some tips I found:

-Update the operating system software. In keeping your OS up to date, your phone is more likely to run efficiently, reducing unnecessary use of power.
-Turn off unnecessary notifications.
-Instead of fetching new data every 15 minutes, change the settings to hourly. If you are expecting an important email, you can always manually retrieve it.
-Minimize the number of email accounts connected to your phone. Fewer accounts means less work for your phone’s battery.
-Turn off Wifi and Bluetooth when you’re not using them.
-Increase/decrease your phone’s brightness as needed.
-Lock your phone so that every touch of the screen or push of a button doesn’t cause it to react by using energy.
-Turn off Location Services when you’re not using them.


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