Servants of All: Mentoring

This post is going to center around two questions: 1 – How often do you complain about how the younger generation is getting worse and worse? 2 – How often do you work to get one on the right path? There are far too many youth out here who need guidance and support but can’t find it. They have one parent working 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet and grandma can’t relate to then. Not saying you have to be a babysitter but these kids don’t have anyone in their lives with whom they can associate “success” except athletes and drug dealers. So, why don’t those of us who are actually on the road to doing something positive with our lives give an hour or two a week to these young people? Take them to a museum and enlighten their minds. Go see one of their athletic events at night and make sure they see you after the game. Figure out what interests them or who they want to be like and then get them a book on the subject. Your time could save a child’s future (and your friends’ ears from all your complaints). Start a movement. Mentor.


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