If you don’t read much but like to read, it’s probably because you don’t feel like you have anything worth reading. And, even though your friends are constantly sharing links, who wants to click on all of them to find one you’re interested in?

That’s where Flipboard comes in. It basically does the clicking for you, creating a virtual magazine of blogs, newspaper articles, and other resources that have been shared on your various news feeds and timelines. And the cool thing is you literally flip through them, as if it were a vertical spiral notebook. Very user-friendly and interactive. I would go as far as to say it is borderline fun.

I personally love the app. I use it often but nowhere near as frequently as I wish I did. It would save me so much time and get me to the stories I really care about much more quickly than me sifting through so many different websites searching for the right pieces to read. I would recommend it to anyone who has a love for reading, is looking to develop a stronger vocabulary, or just wants to impress the ladies by being able to talk about more than the Giants being the greatest team in the NFL (even though you’ll find stories up there about that too).



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