Have you ever wondered how some people are so good at keeping up with clothing trends? They never seem to be too early or too late, always right on time? Well, many people who are stylish pay attention to what is in style at the time. They either read magazines, watch celebrities on TV, or just have a natural eye for spotting potential trends. One thing that helps me stay up to date with what is in style is the application “Valet.”

Valet is a fashion magazine and the magazine has an app that is updated daily with fashion tidbits, important articles about life, and tips on how and why to wear what you wear. I look at it while in bed every morning after I read the Bible and the news. Most days it’s just for a knowledge base but there are those days when I just don’t know what to wear and, on those days, Valet is the first place I look for inspiration.

One more neat thing about the app is its “Tools” section. It has a local concierge to let you know about style resources within your current city as well as a personal dossier to help you keep your measurements in order. I love that second tool the most because I used to hate not knowing all my sizes when I’m calling tailors to get estimates.

All in all, the app has a ton of things you can do and is an accessory in itself to the fashionable young professional. Check it out sometime.



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