Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

Too often we watch TV and think that what we see is the norm. Well guess what? It’s not. I was on one of CNN’s Twitter pages yesterday and saw a fact that I was unaware of (but not one that surprised me): 67% of America’s millionaires are between ages 60 and 69. And I am willing to bet that at least another 10% are 70 or older. If I am correct in that assumption, less than one-fourth of America’s millionaires are 59 or younger. So why are we all trying to live like middle-class millionaires? Let’s just live within our means.  It’s better to save for a rainy day than to “make it rain” everyday.  Almost anyone who does that will feel the effects of it later, especially celebrities who often do reality TV shows to make back money that they have over spent.  Let’s be smarter than that.  There’s no reason to try to keep up with Jim and Chrissy or Khloe and Kanye.  If MC Hammer can go bankrupt, so can they, and, if we keep trying to be like them, we will be in line behind them filing the same papers.


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