Easy Like… Starting a Book Club

How many times do you hear people say, “I want to read that new book by so and so”? The thing is, they rarely do because they forget to. It sits on their to do list until their taste in book genre changes. So, why not get some people together and develop an actual “To Read” list that will allow you to further develop your reading, reasoning, and discussion skills?

Deryle’s Steps to A Book Club
1 – Find people who, if not like-minded, are in the same intellectual sphere as you are. You don’t want to start a group where the discussions are above your head. At the same time, you should be challenged. A very fine balance must be met.

2 – In addition to requiring a certain level of intellect from the members of the book club, you should have expectations of the books being read. Whether you are looking for a certain genre, page length, or other criteria, it should be expressed to the group members because…

3 – You HAVE to let the other members of the group feel like they have some say in the group. You have already chosen the core readers, (hopefully) the first book, the expectations (rules), and the pace. So have everyone pick a book to put on the list. This will allow them to take ownership over the success or failure of the group.

4 – Take advantage of the internet. Set up an online discussion you all can post notes to. Utilize Google+ hangouts or Skype or another server to video conference. Set a regular time to meet. That keeps people from making as many excuses as to why they can’t make it to whatever coffee shop to talk.

5 – Have fun. It’s not class. It’s a group of young adults. Highlight the inappropriate jokes and bring them up. Don’t chastise people for not reading. If they didn’t, they’ll be embarrassed.

So go ahead and find some people. What have you got to lose?


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