Credit Karma

We all hear about how important credit is but how many of us really know what our credit scores are and how we can improve on them?  Very few of us.  That’s where Credit Karma comes in.  It is an app on your phone and a website that will inform you of one of your three credit scores as often as you would like to know.  And it gives you tips on how to improve your score.  Great resource.

Now, there were three things I was worried about before I downloaded the application.

1 – Its safety.  So I Googled the application and saw no complaints.  In fact, I only saw positive reviews.  As far as a free credit report, most people couldn’t ask for more.

2 – Its impact on my credit score.  Most of us don’t want to check our score too often for fear that it will have an adverse affect on said score.  But, for some reason, this does not affect your score, even if you check it every day.  Major blessing.

3 – The cost.  But it’s FREE!  Even the service that those singing guys on the Free Credit commercials charges after checking your score once.  But this is legitimately free (for now.  I can’t promise that won’t change).

Anyway, I would suggest everyone check it out.  It will help you grow financially because no one wants bad credit and anyone who has it should want to improve it.


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