Simplify. Grow. Everyday. The New LinkedIn.

This morning in California, LinkedIn held a press conference that was broadcast on U-Stream to announce changes to the 26th most visited site in the world.  Being that this is a major part of my field of expertise, I, of course, was watching.  The updates being made are very exciting and, more importantly, they are useful.  After an inviting welcome from CEO Jeff Weiner, Master of Ceremonies Deep Nishar focused on the three words that fueled this innovation at LinkedIn: Simplify. Grow.  Everyday.  The company then brought out specialists to explain exactly how they have simplified LinkedIn to help grow your network and keep you informed everday.  From the LinkedIn Influencer program to the increasingly popular use of social gestures to making it easier to share links,  stories, and updates, LinkedIn’s new interface looks like it will be more user-friendly than before (which I wouldn’t believe if I hadn’t seen the screenshots on U-Stream).  In addition to updating the desktop format, LinkedIn’s phone and tablet apps have been restructured to better suit professionals depending on what time of day it is.  All in all, I highly recommend everyone who has an account explore  it and take full advantage of the updates.  To paraphrase Jeff Weiner during the press conference, LinkedIn might not have the market cornered on social networking but they do on professional social networking.  Today, they pulled a bit further away from whatever competition they may have.

For more details on the updates, check out the LinkedIn blog.
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