Do you want to decrease the number of tweets you post while, at the same time increasing the quality of them?  Do you have something you want to tweet to your signifcant other at 3:10 and 10:03 on your anniversary, 3/10, even though you know you’ll be busy in the office all day and you will more than likely miss the mark?  Or do you just want to make sure that you get in an adequate amount of well-spaced publicity for your website/blog/event?  I know I’m sounding a bit like one of those “but wait… there’s more!” commercials but honestly, if any of these or similar situations fit you, I recommend you download the Buffer application or go to the Buffer website and set up an account.  This site will tweet for you and update your Facebook statuses up to ten times each day for free (more if you pay them but, being that I am a new business owner, I am sticking with the free account for a while).  Even though getting seen on Twitter and Facebook are not the most surefire ways to get discovered, they’re a lot more effective than sitting around in your shop or office or blog waiting for Warren Buffett to somehow stumble across your page and offer you a job or lump sum that he plans to invest in your company.

Honestly, the best thing about Buffer is that it lets you plan out and post what you want when you want it posted.  For instance, I know that the majority of my target market (young adults ages 18 – 28) is online between the hours of 8:00 AM and 12:00 AM.  Therefore, I can set buffer up to tweet at 8:00, 10:03, 12:02, 1:48, 3:10, 4:44, 7:17, 11:03, and other times that I know college students are going to likely be be inbetween classes or not watching the popular shows that come on in the evening, such as Scandal or Grey’s Anatomy.  Buffer can be a very useful tool if used effectively.  So download the app, play with it some, do a bit of research, and then tweak the times when you feel like they need to be tweaked.


3 thoughts on “Buffer

  1. Thanks for the great post Deryle, you explained Buffer perfectly!

    Amazing to have you on board with us and if our free plan is good for your needs, then that makes our day! We’re very happy to have you be a part of Buffer and there’s no need to pay 🙂

    Let me know if I can help to answer any questions about Buffer at all, I’d love to help and I’m always just a click away.

    Have a great weekend – Alyssa.

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