I just got a new phone because my screen shattered and pieces were falling out. (Side note: kind of excited because now I can read clearly and really get the most out of my phone.) Major safety hazard. So I decided to download a ton of new productivity applications. They will probably be the focus over the next few #TechnologyTuesday posts.

On Saturday I downloaded “Orchestra.” It is a much more effective “To Do List” app than Apple’s basics “Reminders” app. I have an iPhone 4 and, therefore do not have Siri. The Orchestra app allows me to create voice reminders by speaking them into my phone. It also allows me to share/assign tasks to my contacts. Your reminders are emailed to the email account you decide to associate with a given task list. For example, I have one list for personal tasks and emails are sent to my personal address whereas the reminders for tasks for my nonprofit are sent to my nonprofit email address. And you can change the appearance of your task list.

It is an aesthetically pleasing, well-organized, more convenient alternative to the usual and is far from a necessity but, at the same time, check out its description in the App Store and see if it’s an alternative that would help increase your productivity. It is increasing mine.



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