When’s the last time you were in touch with your best friend from high school? Do you remember? When I say “in touch,” do I mean a phone call? A text message? A tweet? An email? All of these are valid questions and all of them can likely not be answered by the average 23 year old without the help of an app called “Smartr.” Sad to say but sometimes it helps to see how long it’s been since you’ve talked with someone. Smartr is, in my opinion, the ultimate address book. You can connect your Email, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook contacts to your regular address book, it automatically merges them all (to the best of its ability), and you have a comprehensive address book that allows you to more effectively reach your contacts over any social medium. And a great thing is it has a graph showing when the last time you communicated with the person via email. One more thing I like is the Twitter and Facebook newsfeed. It shows random posts from different contacts so you see what’s been going on with people as of late.

The only thing I can see that needs improvement is I wish the graph tracked any type of communication. That way I could see whether it has actually been 10 weeks since I’ve talked with my cousin or 10 weeks since I’ve been in touch with him via Internet. But I’m sure they’ll figure out how to make it more interactive as versions update. For now I’m just glad I don’t have to add photos to my contacts anymore or search as hard for their twitter names.



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