Be Motivated

“Don’t be mad. Be motivated.” — Sean “Diddy” Combs

“I’m in Time, People, Fortune, Forbes, same d*** time. XXL, GQ, Vibe, Source, same d*** time.” In the remix of the hit song “Same D*** Time,” Sean Combs teaches a course on the subject of “Moremoneythanyouology.” He really attacks all rappers (and regular listeners at that), saying that while people talk about the little they have, he has tons more. He ends the verse with the line “Don’t be mad. Be motivated.” Aside from it being Diddy’s most lyrical verse since “Victory,” being that he is one of my entrepreneurial role models, it inspires me to reach the heights he has and to eventually go further. Everyone should have that person in their field that they emulate. That person should be more successful than you are (not to be confused with “…richer than…”). (S)he needs to seem to be at an unattainable point to the average eye but you should know you can get there. Don’t be made (s)he got to where he got but instead let it motivate you to work harder.

By the way… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Quarter of a century. First 25 to learn, second 25 to earn. #LetsWork


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