Overalls Over All


Yesterday I was at church and Pastor Clifford Jones said “The unemployment rate is high young people. Work. Whoever will hire you, work. If it’s not in the field you got a degree in… Work!”

It is humbling to leave school after four or more years and have little to show for your degree in terms of employment but I am a firm believer that hard work pays off in any area of life. Post-grad life is not as romanticized as it was on TGIF in the 1990’s but that doesn’t mean you can’t work your way into an ideal position. You can start at the bottom and work your way to the top. But you have to start. Waiting for a perfect job to come along is not going to work. Believe me. I tried it. Now I’m in my overalls when I’m not consulting, working hard and getting noticed at my secondary job. Not literal overalls of course. Overalls are symbolic of a non-glorified job. Thus, overalls are synonymous with “hard (and sometimes thankless) work.”.

Who knows what doors my overalls job might open for me? I don’t but I’m going to keep giving it my all. If nothing else, it builds character and pays bills.


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