So this #FinancialFriday, I am writing to you, not from the point of of view of a financial advisor but from that of a Christian. As a child, I was given one dollar bills to place in the collection plate at church. The older I got, the more I came to understand the act of giving to God. One day, I heard a quote. A preacher said “Don’t think of it as giving 10% to God. Think of it as Him giving 90% to you.” Now, tithing is an act of faith and everyone is not at the same place in their spiritual walk. But 10% should be a goal for all of us who follow Christ. You don’t have to give it to the organized church but you should be praying before you give it to anyone. It is necessary for us to spread His name. If this offended you, I will pray that it won’t one day.


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