Financial Planning for the Recent Graduate — New Blog

Eric Durham, who is one of my good friends and a person whose opinion I respect (in life and finances) more than most, decided he wanted to start a blog and share the financial lessons he has learned through his research and life experience.  He and I discussed the topics he will be posting on and he has a year’s worth of great financial advice that will help soon-to-be and recent graduates.  He launched the blog this week and will be uploading a second post within the next few days.  Below is a sample of his introductory post.  There will also be a YouTube video component to the blog.  I would definitely reccomend you check it out regularly and leave feedback.  Have a great weekend.

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Welcome to Managing Finances for the Recent Graduate.  My name is Eric Durham, and I’m going to be your coach over the next few months, teaching you the many ways to win with your money.  This vlog/blog series stems from lots of prayer and from my friends and their echoes of “teach me your ways” after I come home with tons of groceries and pay less than $1 for them.  Most of my financial knowledge comes from personal experience, trial and error, hitting rock bottom, and climbing my way back.  I’ve been employed in some capacity and receiving income from the time I was 15 years old because of the pressures of self-sufficiency and assisting my single mother since my freshman year in high school when my father left.  Since that time, I essentially became the “man of the house”, personally, spiritually, and financially.  I was blessed to be one of the first graduating classes in high school from the Academy of Finance, and paid my way through college (with way too many student loans, of which I’m almost certain you have as well, as 96% of college graduates have some sort of student loan). 

For the rest of the introductory post, visit



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