You Heard It PHIRST

It’s a little late but I’m traveling and unfortunately my laptop died today and I couldn’t post earlier.  Either way, on this Financial Friday, I want to introduce you all to the “You Heard It PHIRST” monthly newsletter developed by my fraternity brother, close friend, and the man I immediately go to for any financial advice, Mr. George N. Acheampong.  Mr. Acheampong sends out a monthly newsletter that would let even the most financially illiterate individual gain knowledge in the field and improve their financial stability, as well as pick up a few fun life skills along the way.  Below I have posted a link to the newsletter in full as well as section of the latest newsletter.  In order to subscribe, click “Subscribe” at the top of the newsletter’s link.  Mr. Acheampong is a great advisor to have in your corner and these newsletters are him giving out tidbits that he thinks are vital to everyone seeking to grow in their level of financial maturity.

Link: You Heard It PHIRST

Have You Had Your Financial Check-Up?

When our car needs a tune up we take it to the mechanic. When we want to make sure we are healthy or if we don’t feel well, we go to the doctor. If our kitchen sink isn’t working properly we call the plumber. You get the point. The question is, who do we call when we need to make sure our financial plan is up to par? Sure you can google information about financial planning or listen to Suze Orman, but how do you know if that information is right for you? You wouldn’t take the advice of a generic broadcast about important health issues that weren’t specific to you, would you?  The same holds true for your financial future. No two people will have the same financial outcome in life, therefore they need specific planning that is tailored just for them. If you are interested in finding out more about the best way to plan for your financial future send an email to to redeem your free consultation. Use “FREE CONSULTATION” as your subject line.


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