Being Better Than Your Best

After career-high 52 points, Durant said: “I just have to keep getting better and improving.”

When I saw Alex Kennedy tweet this back in January, I knew I had to write about it.  I’m not a big K.D. fan (or NBA fan at that.  More of an NCAA Basketball kind of guy) but I am a huge fan of character.  Wanting to be the best in the NBA definitely has its financial perks but, whether or not he keeps working on getting better, Durant is going to get paid, provided that he stays in good physical condition.  But he has a goal to keep improving on himself.  He is already the best on his team but that’s not enough.  There are still players out there who are more consistently reaching levels of greatness that far exceed his.  Now, actions speak louder than words but the results he’s been producing prove that he’s making sure the two correlate.  So, when you say you’re going to be the best, make sure you’re working toward that.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he exceeds that 52 again before the end of the post-season.  But I guess we’ll find out sooner than later.


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