Sometimes I enjoy writing. Not typing but actually using a pen and pad. The problem is that it’s so much more convenient to just carry my cellular phone and take all notes on here. One day I was meeting with my financial advisor and he was using an app on his iPad that allowed him to simulate writing on paper while he recorded the audio from our meeting. In playing the audio back, the words he was writing as he recorded lit up at corresponding times.

The next week I went and purchased an ink pen that doubled as a stylus and downloaded AudioNote Lite. Definitely one of my favorite apps for meeting with my clients. I can record our meetings and be writing down what I think is important but if I need to go back and listen to something I missed in my notes, I can go back and listen to what was said around the time I was writing said important point. You can also type instead of writing or take photographs while recording and insert them where they make sense.

If you’re using it for class or business, I recommend buying the full version. The lite one only lets you record 10 minutes at a time whereas the paid edition gives you unlimited record time. I’ve placed a screenshot of the application below. Unfortunately, I left my stylus at home today so my “handwriting” is literally hand writing but it generally comes out looking like my actual handwriting.



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