Freedom in Discipline

“The disciplined person is the freest person of all.” — Dean Smith

On Easter Sunday, I had forgotten that my church, Friendship Baptist, was changing service times for the Resurrection Sunday. Since Forest Hills Church Pastor David Chadwick had come to speak at Friendship a few weeks ago and did a great job, Des and I decided we’d visit his church for service. While I got a great deal from the service on a spiritual level, I also heard the aforementioned Dean Smith quote and knew I had to share it today.

I am big on consistency. If you’re going to start doing something, have the discipline to do it consistently. It proves that you has control over your mind and body. If you don’t have the drive to do what it takes to reach your goals, your are letting outside forces influence your ability to succeed, ultimately making you a slave to whatever forces are holding you captive. So ask yourself what is holding you back from realizing your goals? Is it money and materials? Sex? Sleep? Laziness? Substance abuse? Whatever it is, have the discipline to regulate it and set yourself free so you can truly reach your potential.

Do not let things you can control keep you from reaching your goals.


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