What to Do When Your Why Isn’t Big Enough

I’m a very goal oriented person.  I ask myself, when setting a goal “How big is my why?” to give myself a substantial reason.  If I want something, I’m going to get it.  I don’t always know when or how, but I know that I will.

This weekend, I had to take a step back, look at a certain savings goal of mine, and ask myself “Is my why big enough?”  I found out that it isn’t.  I say that to say this: Every goal needs to be reevaluated on the path to its attainment.  At 7 years old I said I wanted to play football for UNC-Chapel Hill.  That never happened and it is because I subconsciously evaluated that goal and realized that it would have very little impact on my life to pursue that goal-turned-dream.  My freshman year of college, I knew I wanted to be the chief marketing officer of a Fortune 500 company.  It made sense to set my bar that high.  I was a marketing major and knew that I should shoot for the stars.  Now I realize that, as much as a I love marketing, my one of my callings lies in helping others market themselves.  So I might not ever make it to that CMO status but, I am still on a path that will lead me to my ultimate goal: success.

Success is defined differently by different people but, at the end of the day, its definition must be thoroughly thought through and, when that has been done, you can more or less evaluate how big your why needs to be in order to get to that level of success that you have set for yourself.  You may define success as having 1 million dollars in the bank or as being able to provide for a family of 3 or even making manager at your job.  Whatever you define success as, find a reason that will allow you to keep pushing toward that goal and, every so often, question that reason.  It might help you reestablish your goals and realize what it is that you truly value in life.


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