It’s Simple


I woke up this morning from a great dream in which my brother, sister, and I were playing as big kids. Looked beside me and saw a photograph of my family and a note from my dad on my night stand. Read the Bible. Washed up. Made some coffee and cinnamon raisin toast. Ironed my clothes while I listened to some good music. Did a few push ups. Packed for this weekend’s mini-vacation with my gorgeous girlfriend (I like to knock things out far in advance). Put cash in my wallet. Got dressed and reached into the fridge to find my breakfast pre-made. Stepped outside and the sun beaming down caused me to act in kind, smiling like a 3 year old kid on Christmas. Made it to the bus and I’m on my way to starting the last week of my job. Plus it’s pay week.

I say all that to say, if you really think about it, we have so much to be grateful for. I don’t have it all yet but it’s coming. Be patient (click to see what i mean by “patient”) and God is going to move in your life. Let me go though. I’ve got to call my lovely mother and say hey before we both get to work. Wow. We both have jobs. Another thing to be thankful for.


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