The iPhone And iPad Apps That Are Suddenly Free On App Store’s 5th Anniversary (UPDATE)

If you’ve been holding off on buying that pricey app for your iPhone or iPad, today’s your lucky day.

As The Verge pointed out, many of the App Store’s most popular apps are free or highly discounted in what may be a gesture by Apple to celebrate the marketplace’s fifth birthday this week. A tweet from @AppStore confirmed Apple was celebrating the marketplace’s 5-year anniversary.

In some cases, the discounts are steep. Games such as the popular “Infinity Blade II” ($6.99), “Tiny Wings HD” ($2.99) and “Badland” ($3.99) are among the apps currently available for free. The most notable price cut comes for “Traktor DJ,” a popular app for aspiring and professional DJs that is normally $19.99.

You can see all of the apps that are currently marked down to free over at Apps Hopper.

Since its introduction in 2008, one year after the debut of the first iPhone, the App Store has seen 50 billion downloads, 900,000 apps and 575 million store accounts, the company announced last month. The marketplace’s much-lauded “ecosystem” of smartphone programs has spawned more than its fair share of multimillion-dollar companies that got their start exclusively on iOS, such as Instagram and Snapchat.

Apple had tried to stop Amazon from using the “App Store” moniker in its own competing software before coming to a settlement over the trademark on Tuesday.

UPDATE: Though originally only 16 apps featured the deal, there are now a whole lot more apps marked down to free in the App Store. You can see all of them here.

Source: Huffington Post


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