Create your bonus

Every month we pay bills. Every week we go to work. Every day we’re taxed. But why? Do you work everyday just to get by? You can’t. You have to have fun sometimes. Until the past 2 weekends, I hadn’t taken an actual vacation in about 2 years. Finally, I had the opportunity to enjoy being away from home. 1 weekend I went to Atlanta and had a great time going to a Braves game and then a winery tour. The following weekend, I made my way to the beach in South Carolina. In the week between I went to Greensboro and caught up with some college friends. And all this made me realize I need to stop making bills my only priority. Sometimes I need to give myself something to look forward to. You should do the same. Once every few months or year plan an enjoyable trip somewhere. $40 each month can allow you to really enjoy your life. Don’t let it pass you by.


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