Makes Cents 2 Me



Today, I would like to introduce you to another financial resource. My financial advisor, Mr. George Acheampong, in conjunction with his company Timeless Solutions Financial Advisory Group, recently launched a website called Makes Cents 2 Me. It is focused on educating and updating those of us who may not have degrees in finance but who still want to be aware of ways we can make our money work for us. I’ve been thumbing through it and would highly recommend you taking advantage of this free resource and allowing it to help you build a more solid financial base. Now, growing from that, I would recommend hiring someone from time to time to look over your finances if you feel that you are still not where you need to be, whether it be Timeless Solutions or another financial advisor. Sometimes, you need a bit more help than your own mind can provide. I can read about painting techniques all day but I cannot recreate a Picasso because that is not my art form. When you want something done exceptionally well and you have the means to pay for it, of course utilize the free resources you can to do for yourself what you can, but treat the rest as an investment. But I digress. Check out Makes Cents 2 Me when you get a second. I’m sure you’ll gain a lot from it.



Makes Cents To Me was started because so many people are in need of simple, practical and useful financial information yet they do not always know where to get it find it. Dealing with your finances can seem overwhelming and the idea of hiring a financial advisor may seem intimidating. In todays society it is increasingly important to be equipped with the tools and resources to make the right financial decisions. You need to know that the information is reliable and comes from a credible source, and most importantly; that it is information and advice that will allow you to take action TODAY. So as a Financial Advisor, you can rest assured that credibility and reliability are at the forefront of this site; however, this virtual community will allow you to be empowered to make the right decisions with the resources you will have at your disposal just as if you were a client sitting across from me in my office. This site is designed to give you the financial tools and resources you need to start taking immediate action and have a little fun while you are doing it. We hope that you find the information on this site valuable and most importantly that it “Makes Cents” for you and your financial goals.


George Acheampong

Founder, Makes Cents 2 Me


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