The Wall


Moral compromise.  Internal conflict.  Selling your soul.

Each of the above have “wrong” written all over them.  And each of them are things we’ve all done.  Everyone reading this post and not reading it has moved the line that represents how far they will go and, more often than not, we move it in the wrong direction.  We’re human.  It happens.  But, as that line continues to move backward, as we mature, we must move our wall forward.  What wall?  The wall that even that line cannot cross.  We must build an impenetrable wall that will keep us from doing certain things in all aspects of our lives, professional, spiritual, physical, and personal.

But that is just the beginning.  So you decide that you will not do certain things past that wall, but then what?  Then do you just sweep it under the rug and continue to live as if there is no issue to be addressed?  No.  At that point, it is up to you, me, or whomever to take action.  If you truly believe in your moral code, you should have no problem explaining to others why wrong is wrong, either through your actions or your words.  For example, if at work you’re asked to do something unethical, don’t just say no and wait for the next person who is asked to say yes.  Speak to someone in power about what is going on.  Or if you’re at lunch and some of your friends are talking about the overweight person across the dining room, don’t just not laugh.  Say, “Hey, she might be a really good person.  Shoot, we’re not perfect either.”  As much as I love the Kendrick Lamar song (especially the remix with Jay {no hyphen} Z), in this instance, it is perfectly alright to kill their vibe.  We have to recreate a moral society with a fabric that speaks to values of love, respect, and discipline.  This lack of integrity is nothing but laziness and it spills over into every aspect of American life.  Changing it starts with you.  Force people at your office to reexamine why they have allowed their lines to be pushed back more times than the ball in a pee wee football game.  Force your friends to find something more significant to talk about than someone’s hairline. We have to create walls that will serve as catalysts for doing good.  If we do, eventually our walls will be in line with our line and, both as individuals and as a society, we will be happier, more accomplished, and in better physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and financial states.

Start building.


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