Business Attire for the Ladies

Ladies, I rarely make Well-Dressed Wednesdays for you. And it is not because I don’t care about you all. Lord knows women are one of my favorite topics of discussion. I just don’t know that much about what you all need to be successful. So it requires a bit more effort for me to find out what information to pass on to you. But today I said I was going to find something for the ladies and betchabygollywow I did it. Below is a graphic depiction of some successful business professional outfits for ladies. Of course it’s not all inclusive but it’s a step in the right direction.

By the way, another reason I don’t post for you all is because I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. So comment and let me know flaws that you see commonly in other women’s professional appearance or even questions you yourself have and I’ll find the answers and post them on Well-Dressed Wednesdays. Even though business may have once been a male-driven field, I want to make sure I’m serving you all equally as well. Have a great day and please share.

Example - Women's Contemporary Business Casual.  A great start!  I would probably switch out the pencil skirts for A-line but it's a good reference.

Source: Pinterest

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