Just Do It

I know the title sounds like some old marketing adage from a pretty well-known athletic wear company. But this has nothing to do with Nike. This has to do with an epiphany I had last week: Just do it. It started with me thinking about the book I am penning. I kept making excuses as to why I couldn’t finish it. I didn’t have time. I wasn’t writing it in order. I had writer’s block. But last week I said “I’m just going to spend an hour a day just writing whatever comes to mind, regardless of the order. I can polish it later.” So that’s what I do. Then I thought “Why am I not eating right? Or exercising more?” So I said to myself, forget easing into it. Let me give 100% and worry about the rest later.

So many things need to just be done that we put off because we psyche ourselves out of doing them. So stop telling yourself why you’re not doing x, y, and z and starting patting yourself on the back for having done them.


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