It’s OK to Discriminate

Today, I’m here to discuss discrimination. I am here to motivate you to discriminate.

Most people see that and think, “Why would he want people discriminating?” I’m not telling you to be prejudiced. This type of discrimination requires that you have knowledge of the person’s work ethic before. It has nothing to do with race or gender or sexual preference or anything you can see. No, this time you discriminate on basis of responsibility.

If you’re reading this blog, you probably see it as an investment. You probably view most of the things you do with your time as such. Therefore, when working with a team, you need to think likewise. For instance, why join a project with others who are not as serious about its success? More important than you agreeing to participate in the project is your personal brand. Your credibility is on the line every time you align yourself with others toward a common goal. Make sure it is on the line with someone you trust. If that person can’t hold down their end of the bargain and the project fails, that is a collective failure. And, yes, failure is a learning experience but if you can avoid that failure and come out with a win, you should do that.

So like I said, discriminate. Those you work and associate with can make or break you before you ever really get going.


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