Rules are Made to be Altered


Rules, like a good suit, are made to be altered. Both are crafted with the best of intentions. Both are necessary. But both must be tailored to fit the situation you are in at the time. Yesterday I was at the tailor’s shop getting a suit done (see below) and she asked if I wanted the traditional pants cut or the slim fit. Generally I go with traditional but this time I said I’d try the slim fit for two reasons: 1) I already have a suit in a similar color cut traditionally so I can afford to have fun with this one; 2) I got this suit as a gift so it won’t hurt me to really do what I want with it.20130916-081655.jpg

The same goes for rules. Change them up sometimes. Add your own flare to life when you can. While you’re in class and at work, you have to do certain things because they’re required. But when you have a chance, experiment subtly. It just might get you the right amount of attention to take you to another level. But don’t go overboard. Use good judgment.


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