Disrespect to the Utmost

I don’t have much money or many possessions (yet).  What I have an abundance of is drive.  And what I have an uncertain amount of is time.  Now, because my time plus my drive will lead to me having more possessions (and ultimately stability), I take great offense to people wasting my time.  Time is the most valuable thing we have in the world.  With time, anything can be created.  Time creates friendships, meals, technology, smiles, laughs, enlightenment, books, clothes, businesses, educations, et cetra.  Time spent strengthening your body and spirit can even create more time.  Thus, when you disrespect my time, you are Untitleddisrespecting my life.  But, as George Acheampong says, others will always disrespect your time until you give them a reason not to.  What you do have control of is how much of your own time you disrespect.  For instance, though it takes more time to cook a healthy meal than it does to order a pizza, that healthy meal is an investment that, if things go according to plan, will create more time.  It is also easier to sit on the couch than it is to go to the gym and workout for 30 minutes but that hour you put in at the gym on a daily basis during your 20s and 30s may add years onto your life, extending your 80s to your 90s.  This will allow more time for you to share memories with your children and grandchildren as well as to create more money so that they will have something to put toward college.  All in all, time is the greatest resource that we have.  Use yours wisely or look back years from now at how you squandered it on meaningless moments.


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