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I was recently introduced to a brand of shirts that I can without a doubt say is ahead of the curve when it comes to men’s professional dress.  If you read my post on selecting the proper undershirt a few months back, you know I’m a stickler for details.  To me, more important than my comfort is the fact that I’m not breaking any major rules.  But it’s definitely great when you can have on the right tee shirt while still being completely comfortable in it.  That’s where UnderFit comes in.  The design of an Stay Tucked In: No more constantly ducking into the bathroom all day to re-tuck.UnderFit tee shirt is what truly sets it apart from any general brand you might find in an average store.  The shirt is wide and at the shoulder and chest as most shirts are but, instead of remaining that way throughout as most undershirts do, the shirt narrows as it approaches your waist, providing a slimmer fit that will allow your dress shirt or polo to truly shine as opposed to having unnecessary buldges.  Another feature I was impressed with was the three additional inches of material at the waist that allow me to stretch, move around, and engage in all the basic physical activity of a business day without having my shirt come untucked.  Gentlemen, if there is one thing we know, it is that an untucked undershirt underneath a suit can be a nusicance that we often have to endure throughout business meetings.  When I’m wearing an UnderFit shirt, that is one less thing I have to worry about while giving a presentation or facilitating a workshop.

I will not say that UnderFit shirts are cheap.  But believe me, the older you get, and as you begin seeing your wardrobe as an investment as opposed to a financial burden, you will begin putting your money toward more quality pieces. Not only are UnderFit shirts comfortable and soft, they are durable. I’ve worn and washed mine regularly and see no indications of wear and tear nor of shrinkage.

All in all, I would not dare put this undershirt in the same category as a Hanes or a Fruit of the Loom. It is not an alternate; It is an upgrade. A necessary one for every man who takes pride in his professional image. For more information on UnderFit’s products and pricing, visit www.underfitshirts.com.


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