Babies Don’t Dunk

“The expert in anything was once a beginner.” ~ Helen Hayes


Did you see that video of baby Michael Jordan jumping from the free throw line and slam dunking the ball?  Or how about the one of prepubescent Michael Jackson moonwalking on the Apollo with his brothers standing behind him playing their instruments?  And I know you saw little Mike Tyson knock out Muhammad Ali back when he was only 8.  If the three great Mikes can be born into their greatness, you can too, right?  Wrong.  None of them did any of that.  They weren’t born into their legacies.  They each worked to become the best in their fields.  The same is true for Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, President Dalibhunga Mandela, Helen Keller, and  Mohandas Gandhi.  All of these great figures had to first work hard to prove that they deserved the opportunity to be great.  What makes you worthy of that opportunity?  Because you got a college degree?  Come on.  It’s 2013.  You’re one of millions of people under 30 with that not-so-distinction.  How have you perfected your craft so that, when the opportunity for greatness comes, you are prepared?  Maybe you didn’t do so well in undergrad.  Ok.  Make up for it.  You were working for free in school by going to class and then you were working a part time job to make ends meet.  Do the same thing now, except, instead of going to class, go to an internship.  Then pick up a side job or two.  Find grant money to start your own business.  Stay up late at night grinding until you reach a level of success that you are comfortable with.  But don’t think that, just because you’ve got a bachelor’s that you’re a master.  And even if you have a master’s or a doctorate, chances are, you’re just a beginner on another level.  Expertise comes with time and wisdom, neither of which can be manufactured.  So practice.  Get experience.  And, when your time to show up comes, show up.


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