Rock, Paper, Hard work

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” — Terry Metcalf

Last week, I was back in Durham for Christmas and I was sooooooooo excited to have cable to watch.  The funny thing is, I was reminded of why I don’t have it at my apartment in Charlotte: Because nothing is ever on outside of sports.  I can catch those at a bar.  But anyway, I have digressed from the point of this #MotivationalMonday post.  It really has very little to do with cable but is all about something I heard in a film that resonated with me.  In the film “Thunderstruck,” NBA star Kevin Durant quotes former NFL Pro Bolwer Terry Metcalf (see the quote above again if you feel so inclined).

That quote was just what I needed.  Talent isn’t just phsyical ability.  It is also resources.  Some people seem to have so much more than I do but they don’t have a work ethic that I possess.  Many would have given up on their dreams long ago had their paths not been paved.  But for those of us who weren’t born with the talent or resources to excel with ease, the character that has come with our hardships should give us the tough skin that will allow us to work harder when we feel like stopping.  And, with that being said, I challenge you to let your hard work kick in when that talent just isn’t there.  Look back at last week’s post “Babies Don’t Dunk.”  Martin Luther King, Jr. wasn’t born speaking.  Larry Bird didn’t come out of the womb with a basketball in his hand.  Elvis didn’t come out doing that cool thing with his legs.  These people worked to get to where they were.  Sure, a level of talent was there but to change the world on the level they did, it took hard work plus talent.  So take whatever talent or resources you’ve been given, work your backside off, and maybe you too will live to see the fruits of your labors.


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