I’m From Marcy, Son!

Ok, so the title was a complete lie. I was born in Durham, North Carolina. But this week, I’m a resident of Brooklyn, New York so #TheReader is going to have a bit of a different feel to it. It’s going to be about my experiences around the city. Sure, I’ve been here before but now I’m out of college, I’m not up here with my ex-girlfriend, and there is nothing keeping me from just going out and doing anything. But anyway, back to Marcy.

If you’re a fan of Jay-Z, you know he was raised in the housing projects off Marcy Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. And even if you aren’t a fan, you know the name or you’re living under a rock. Interestingly enough, I’m living right around the corner from there at this moment. One of my fraternity brothers, Alexander, lives right here and I though “Cool. I’ve seen this place in music videos before.”

Around midnight, I got hungry so Alex and I went to this chicken spot around the corner because it was late Sunday night/early Monday morning and nothing else was open. In the place, I saw a few pictures of a young Jay-Z (probably Big Pimpin’ Era Hov) and the owner if the establishment. Then I looked around and saw the impoverished conditions and the drug addicts and I thought, “This man made it out of here and became one of the wealthiest MCs in hip-hop history. Why can’t I be equally successful?” And why can’t you be? I’m sure you have the tools or, if you dont, you find them. He did and, even though it’s not all about money, it is about believing God put you here for something bigger than just getting by.

Who’s going to beg to take your pic?


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