Hop Stop Revisited


Back in November of 2012, when I was just starting working on this blog, I posted on this pretty cool app called Hop Stop (click here for the 2012 post).  But I didn’t really get to play with it until I got up here.  It has saved me a ton of time while on this trip to NYC.  It got me around Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, Long Island, and today it’s going to get me to New Jersey so I can see my grandfather on his birthday.  As good as Google Maps is with its public transportation component, this app is dedicated to that and that only.  It works in a lot of metropolitan areas across the United States, including a couple in NC for my home state readers.  Whenever you’re traveling, I would definitely recommend downloading it to your smartphone.  It’s allowing me to avoid incurring any taxi fees.  I’m getting around the city for 30 all week and I’m not worried at all about getting lost.  Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments section.

Now time to go back out to this 5° weather (-15° with windchill).


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