Don’t Stop

I’ll keep this short and simple.  You never know when your time is.  Your inability to give your all consistently could keep you from getting an opportunity.  For example, I was on vacation last week and took two days off from writing in The Reader.  Now, I have built up the consistency to do that but let’s say I had done it within the first 3 months of writing on this site.  The Daniels Daily Reader would’ve been seen as the Daniels Sometimesy Reader.  You’ve got to build a reputation before you take breaks.  And even then, you can’t take a complete break.  I worked for 60% of the week before taking two days off.  My readers still got some great pointers before I took off.  But what if someone had visited my site and seen that there was nothing posted for an entire week?  That would probably put a hole or two in my credibility.  So, long story short, build credibility before you start taking breaks. Failing to do this could kill an opportunity that you never saw coming.


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