Why I’m Getting A Divorce In 2014

A few weeks back, my girlfriend told me that every time we go to the movies, I’ll tweet inspirational quotes that I hear in the film or about how much I want to see some film that was previewed before the feature presentation.  She said it kind of takes away from the whole vibe of being in the movie theater.  To that point, I said something to the effect of “I just want to make sure I don’t forget these important points.”  But, after thinking, I said to myself, “If it’s that important, I can tweet it when I rent it from Redbox one day.”

I’m saying all this to make the point that smartphones are truly inhibiting our abilities to enjoy life to its fullest.  Between Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram, we’re constantly interacting with others but what about when we’re actually around others?  Well, we’re still texting them, tweeting them, and Insta DMing them about the great time we’re having but really aren’t engaging in.  So let’s go ahead this year and place the phones to the side sometimes.  Sure, it’s a great tool to have but, as Ben Parker said to Peter moments before he died, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

But anyway, check out this pretty neat post by Jarrid Wilson.

Before you start assuming I will be leaving my wife, let me just tell you that’s just simply not the case. I’m looking to leave someone else. Someone you may not know about. Someone who takes up most of my time, distracts me from spending time with my wife, and even spends time with me during the late hours of the night.

Her name is iPhone 5. She’s extremely smart, funny, reliable, and keeps me up to date with all the latest trends. And although she’s always by my side, I can’t help but notice that she is keeping me from spending time with the people who matter most in my life: God, my wife, my family, and my dreams.

She’s really good at keeping my attention. So much so that I’ve been known to completely ignore people when they are trying to have a conversation with me. She tempts me to use her apps while at church, weddings and funerals, instead of enjoying the moment un-distracted. She even keeps me from working on personal projects that have strict dead-lines.

She’s extremely insensitive when it comes to my safety, and is always tempting me to be with her while I drive. I can’t help but notice she is slowly infecting my social life, my marriage, and the lives of those around me. Many people act like it’s no big deal, but I imagine the longer one ignores this issue, the worse one’s personal relationships will be affected in the long run.

We need to bring our phones back to being an accessory, not a priority.

For the remainder of the post, check out  Jarrid Wilson‘s website.


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