Lead With Integrity

Integrity is a requirement for leaders. That goes for any kind of leader: household, organization, MLK Integritycompany, academic, military, church, etc.  I had a discussion with Devon Smith, Editor-In-Chief at Live Inspired magazine and a mentee of mine.  Dev told me that a lot of people look up to me and therefore I don’t have room to slack off.  And you know what?  Humbly speaking, he was right.  Just yesterday, my ace, Stevan Dozier, said he can’t wait for me to make it.  My grandma, Mickey Jackson, said that she’s waiting on me to help her pay off some stuff.  When my mother retires, I know I’m going to need to help her out.  When my fraternity chapter needs money for any number of things, I want to be able to give.  When my business grows to a point of having employees, they’re going to need for me to lead by example.  And, at the time that I am blessed enough to have children, they are going to look at my actions as opposed to my words to learn right from wrong.  Do know what all that means?  It means I have to live with integrity.

Integrity isn’t the action of doing the right thing from time to time but instead doing it consistently.  It is doing what you say and saying what you will do, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable it makes you.  When we were kids, I am willing to bet that most of us said we would grow up to be good people.  Well, why not keep our word?  Unless you’re dead, you’re still not completely grown up.  We can be good people and do the right things.  It’s all about saying we will and sticking to that decision.

I say all of that to say this: lead with integrity.  Everything else will fall into place.


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