Everything Is Earned

Why are you in bed?  Why are you eating?  Why are you relaxing at the end of the day watching TV?  What have you done to earn these luxuries that so many of us take for granted?  If you’re not where you want to be in life, work to get there.  If your bank account isn’t stable, pick up an extra job to get it there.  And I will be the first to admit that “picking up an extra job” is easier typed than done but try.  Put in that extra effort.  Put in one more application a night.  Reach out to your network and say “I need some help.”  Humble yourself now so you can provide for your family later.  But don’t just sit there.  Times get tough.  Things seem like they’re not going to work out.  Sometimes things don’t work out.  That’s life.  Try something else.  And if that doesn’t work, try something else.  Keep trying until something works.  And, if you’re trying your hardest, fruitful or not, then you’ve earned your breaks so that you can be successful on the next try.  But if you’re not working toward something, you get no sleep.



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