Pursue Perfection

Technology makes life easier but it also produces unrestricted laziness.  I will use the simplest cell phone feature to prove this.  I cannot speak for any other phone type, but iPhones, though making us more productive, make us more lazy and less patient.  Instead of taking the time to utilize spell check, much less skim the archaic pages of a volume of Merriam-Webster, we rely on autocorrect to fix our mistakes.  And then, when we send a misspelled text or email, we say how much we hate the autocorrect feature when, in all honesty, we didn’t take the time to proofread our own writing.

So last night, I decided to stop being lazy.  I turned my autocorrect off.  My phone still underlines my misspelled words but I have to make the effort to correct my mistake.  It makes me take ownership over my flaws.  And, in taking that ownership and correcting the imperfection, I am, in turn, working toward perfection.  I cannot be a flawless communicator if I am always blaming Apple for my misspelling.  You cannot have a flawless physique if you’re always blaming McDonald’s for all its terribly health unconscious menu choices.  Stop blaming others for your decision to take shortcuts.  Make the decision to pursue perfection today.  Don’t make excuses.  Train yourself.  Like Nike say…


One thought on “Pursue Perfection

  1. This is a great idea! When I make a spelling mistake on my iPhone and the red line appears, I normally try to fix the problem in my head before I tap it for the autocorrect options. With this idea I will be forcing myself to take an extra minute or so to make that extra mental exercise. Good Stuff, Sir. Keep it up.

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