Working Woman: Are you dressed for the job?

With today’s society playing a huge role in fashion, sometimes it is important to stick with the basics – what fashion guru’s would call essentials – when dressing for work or interviews. I know we all have our connotations for the word “basic”, but breath, it’s not always a bad term to gravitate to. It has been predicted that fashion will continue to become sexier and much more revealing, but it is certainly not what employers are looking for. As a female or male, details matter when dressing for an interview or a business-related job. To begin, I’d like to challenge you and say many of the reasons women are not getting jobs has nothing to do with your skills, qualifications or experience, but initially the way you dress. Let’s not get things out of order, the way you dress still goes a long with first impression. Don’t believe me? Well according to Forbes magazine, employers know within the first 10 seconds whether you are the person for the job or not by what you’re wearing. First of all, this is because how you dress says a lot about your personality. For example, if you come to work or an interview with a stain on your shirt, that’s all the boss or employer will see and could relate it to you being irresponsible, unprepared, etc. Second, a study was done stating that, “dressing wrong is equivalent to picking your nose during an interview”. Now, that goes without saying you should redefine what dressing “right” is. So today, I will leave with some major tips of how to land the job you want or impress your boss by the way you dress. If you have not already invested in these essentials listed below, it’s time to start:

Black, navy or gray skirt or pant suit
Casual white or black blouse
Button up or polo
Close toed black, navy or brown heels no higher than 3 inches.
These items can be mix matched making it over 6 different outfits.
Women don’t :
Ever, ever, ever show cleavage.
Wear too much makeup, especially not bright eye shadows or lipstick.
Put on noisy jewelry.
Wear too-tight or none-fitting garments, know your body type.
Women do:
Dress conservative.
Iron your clothes.
Put light makeup on.
Wear small earring studs and small arm watch (the watch eliminates any reason to check your phone for time).
Wear pantyhose with your skirt or dress, always.
Be positive and smile!
A general rule to remember : less is always more.

I hope these helpful tips better prepare you to begin dressing in the business environment. Now, are you dressed for the job?

Jatcie VarnerJatcie Varner is a current senior at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Born in Akron, Ohio, she moved to Gastonia, North Carolina as a young child with her parents. After being named “Best-Dressed” amongst her peers while attending Forestview High School, it fueled her creative style and her drive to pursue a career in fashion. “It honestly came as a surprise, but what I’ve learned is who you are will always show up in an environment and that’s when I became serious about fashion”, she says. Studying Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies with a minor in Business, she plans to excel in fashion retail, become an independent fashion stylist, open her boutique, receive her MBA and help people become aware of our social issues through social entrepreneurship after gaining her degree May 2014. While she stays busy working at the Limited and serving her community, she commits her time to many different organizations on UNCG’s campus including Threads (Fashion Club), Black Business Students Association (Vice President) and The Summit (College Ministry). She has always been passionate about fashion, which is why you can always find her researching new trends or trying the latest fads. If you have any questions about the Well-Dressed Woman column please email Jatcie Varner at


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