Defining Style

Style. What does it really mean? One might say “style entails what brands I wear” or others might say it’s “how I dress.” I’d like to challenge you today and make you think for one moment about what style really means to you. In my opinion, style has nothing to do with what you wear, including brands, the latest trends, or the fashion-forward fads, but has everything to do with how you wear an outfit and the confidence behind the clothes. I mean let’s be honest, you can’t possible think because you have on Ralph Lauren, Nike, Jordan, Michael Kors, Donna Karen, Vera Wang, etc. that you have style. You probably just have expensive taste, which isn’t a bad thing, but knowing how to rock those trends is style. You have to know where and what certain garments to get according to your body type, promoting the confidence in you. Almost 100% of the time if you look great, you feel great. As a women in business and in the fashion industry, it is important to know your style and be willing to embrace change. Don’t buy all name brand things, switch it up. That’s style!

Jatcie VarnerJatcie Varner is a current senior at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Born in Akron, Ohio, she moved to Gastonia, North Carolina as a young child with her parents. After being named “Best-Dressed” amongst her peers while attending Forestview High School, it fueled her creative style and her drive to pursue a career in fashion. “It honestly came as a surprise, but what I’ve learned is who you are will always show up in an environment and that’s when I became serious about fashion”, she says. Studying Consumer, Apparel and Retail Studies with a minor in Business, she plans to excel in fashion retail, become an independent fashion stylist, open her boutique, receive her MBA and help people become aware of our social issues through social entrepreneurship after gaining her degree May 2014. While she stays busy working at the Limited and serving her community, she commits her time to many different organizations on UNCG’s campus including Threads (Fashion Club), Black Business Students Association (Vice President) and The Summit (College Ministry). She has always been passionate about fashion, which is why you can always find her researching new trends or trying the latest fads. If you have any questions about the Well-Dressed Woman column please email Jatcie Varner at


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