Financial Education: Time for Reform

Generally, my #FinancialFriday posts are related to what we can do as young professionals to better ourselves financially.  But this time, I want to focus on how we can help the next generation not make the mistakes some of us made.   Too many people are living paycheck to paycheck and depressed because of poor decisions we made, ignorant of the fact that it would come back to haunt us years down the road.


The other day, I saw the tee shirt above on Pinterest and I thought to myself, “I never use this algebra or calculus that they forced upon me but I sure did need some education on practical math like how high your interest rate will be if you don’t pay your credit cards on time.”  I say that to say this: We have to make sure our children are being educated properly.  And not just our children but also those who aren’t fortunate enough to have financially astute parents.  I was one of those kids.  Growing up, money was a taboo subject in my house.  My parents were likely trying to protect my siblings and me but it backfired on two out of the three of us and now we’re working to get back into stable financial positions.  It is being done but imagine if schools taught math that we would actually need in the future?  There would be less poverty and more sharing of wealth.

Knowledge is power.  What tools are we going to give the next generation?


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