The Real


Digital is great.  Believe me.   I love the fact that technology allows me to touch the lives of people across the world.  Just this weekend, my first Socially Aware Saturday post had hits that I could not have foreseen all because I shared it a few times on Twitter.

But there is something to be said for the (wo)man who can pick up a pen and write.  The one who can step onto a mountain and hike.  That person who mentors the young person over lunch every so often as opposed to just sending an email that took you 5.25 minutes to write.  Everything cannot be experienced through someone else’s lens.  You have to get out there and live life.  A YouTube video will not provide you with the adreneline rush that an actual rollercoaster ride does.  Donating money via crowdsourcing is nothing like going out and buying a meal that homeless mother of 2 who stands outside your building daily.  Sometimes, you have to put your hands on your passion.  Otherwise, how will you know that it’s real?


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